Kapex dust collection hookup Kapex dust collection hookup

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What I have done is construct a device I call an "Accelerator" which pulls air from a tool to its discharge at high velocity which can be adjusted in a way similar to a Festool CT. Rigid, smooth wall pipe of the same diameter will always allow more air flow than flex, so use it as much as you can and only switch to flex, when you need too.

So instead of just being a mild irritant, every fine wood dust exposure causes a tiny, almost unnoticeable amount of permanent damage. At first it was assumed the workers getting ill had problems from previously high dust exposures.

For our system then, we need a collector with a minimum SP of 3. As the cake builds up it restricts the particle size that will pass through the filter media, which is a good thing. In addition to having ports that are too small, most hobbyist tools are not designed for good fine dust collection.

At least three of the most popular magazines have recently shared dust collection articles recommending use of HVAC pipe to make complex ducting solutions with multiple down drop sizes.

OSHA testing shows on average every twenty pounds of sawdust makes overmilligrams of fine dust which is enough to cause 15, typical two car garage sized shops to fail an EPA air quality test.

Dust Collection Basics

Finally, hook up the pipe to your shop vacuum with a reducer that fits the diameter of your shop-vacuum hose and let the machine eat your dust. Medical experts and woodworker unions continue to fight to have government standards set to protect woodworkers from airborne dust exposure.

Many shops have their air quality tested as they upgrade their licenses. Almost any small pipe, machine port, or obstruction will kill the airflow. Anything smaller will not move the needed air unless we use a much larger than needed blower. Placing the dust collector in a separate room in your shop can go a long way to deadening the noise but be sure that the room is large enough to remain cool with the dust collector running for extended periods.

We know it's good for us, but other items on the menu seem a lot more appetizing. Most of our ducting and tool ports are too small to carry the needed air volumes. That small pipe is normally the down drop that goes right to the tool.