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Hondahookup engine swap, answers to common questions and where to find the solutions

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To further the case for the V-6, there're simply a ton of them out there. And then there's the shifter. There're plenty of these out there, with the Type S and newer engines being the next logical steps up.

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Conversely you could opt for a Y21, Y80, S80, S4C, which are all hydraulic clutch transmissions cat dating use the traditional slave and master cylinders.

It'll work, but the donor engine's corresponding harness, ECU, and accelerator pedal must all be used. Despite that, some additional ponies could likely be found with real headers that eliminate that silly degree bend.

As far as cost, I agree that it would be cheaper just to buy a TypeS.

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Honda didn't begin producing these until '03 and, even once they did, they only account for roughly five percent of its total J-series transmission production. The work is really no more difficult than with any other Civic swap, but perhaps with so many good four-cylinder Honda engines, no one bothered looking to the V Cost - Cheap and well under the cost of a K series engine swap or J series engine swap, you won't get a better dollar to horsepower ratio out of any other engine swap on our Top 10 Best Honda engine swaps guide.

Almost There!

It gets a bit more power through Integra Type R cams, changed ECU, higher flowing intake manifold, catalytic converter, exhaust and more. Make sure to check our links at the bottom of our Top 10 Best Honda engine swaps for more help with your Honda engine swap.

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It's almost as if Honda planned for this. With the OEM bracket removed, the new API bracket bolts to the framerail's underside using the crash bracket holes as locators.

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Nevertheless, dropping an automatic J35A into the wife's sedan is enough to reinvent grocery getting. Unfortunately, the harness is loaded with stuff that the automatic transmission needs, so some labor is required to strip things away appropriately.

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