Nintendo Accessories--GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U & PC USB Nintendo Accessories--GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U & PC USB

Hook up wireless gamecube controller to pc, how to connect your gamecube controller to your nintendo switch

Locate the wireless dongle.

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I have never used any kind of 3rd party software for mapping. Will you be using a GameCube controller with your Nintendo Switch?

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That's how I did it and if that wasn't helpful at all then I will shut up. Let us know in the comments down below Updated May Tip The WaveBird controller officially only works within 20 feet of the system, although some users can experience results from up to feet.

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Adjust the actual controller in the same way. Go to the Controller tab down by the settings.

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I will have to map the Xbox controller for Dolphin and I'm wondering how to do that? I'm damnsorry if I sounded mean and hurtful.

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The controller will have a switch on its front face that toggles on power, and usually a power indicator light.

Turn on the system and the controller. Many wireless controllers use infrared, and thus require that line of sight is maintained between the controller and the wireless dongle at all times. Compatibility with the Nintendo Switch While using this method above, you can play every Switch game that's compatible with a Pro Controller, the GameCube controller doesn't have all the necessary buttons to make it optimal for every game.

Receiver? Can any receiver work?

Only time will tell. How will it work with Super Smah Bros.? I never knew that, I'm not an Xbox fan and know nothing about it, so I had no idea about that. Plug your adapter into the USB port on the dock.

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