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The best way to do that is to allow the child of a different culture to tell his friends about himself and culture. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Binge-Eating Behavior Binge-eating behavior often leads to losing control over eating.

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How Culture Influences Diet Media and technology have been a shaping force in culture for many years. Have you had interesting dining experiences with some of your guests? Men eat differently from women.

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Food, Culture and Tradition Food Culture and Tradition of the World In all cultural traditions, food is only one aspect but yet it is probably one of the most persistent.

Finding new foods and new sources of foods and seasonings also motivated many adventurers and explorers and swelled the economy of countries.

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Some people from Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian countries might leave a little bit of food on their plates in order to indicate that their hunger has been satisfied Kittler Of course, it is not always easy to maintain a healthy diet.

Despite religious food prescriptions, dietary practices vary widely even among those who practice the same faith. There are several differences between our culture and other cultures around the world on what we consider good and bad table manners. Also in China and Taiwan, a small burp at the end of a meal shows the host that you have eaten well and they take that as a compliment.

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