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How to hook up 8mm camcorder to computer, shop by category

If you do not have iMovie, you may need to download a video playback program from the Internet. Connect the yellow, red and white cables on one end of the AV cables to the colour-coded AV output jacks on the camcorder, typically located on the back edge or side.

With some inexpensive components and a few steps, VHS videos can be resurrected on modern computer screens. Conversion With the 8mm Camcorder If you still own a venerable sycylijczyk online dating camcorder from back in the day, or can get your hands on another, you should have no trouble connecting it straight to your computer.

The advantage many of these services have comes in the form of better-quality equipment than you can get your hands on with a limited budget.

Convert 8mm tapes to Digital without the Camcorder...

Watch the VHS video on your computer Open your computer's video software Most modern computers come with video software pre-installed. Locate the video out port on your VCR or camcorder Depending on the type of VCR or video camera you have, the video output options may differ slightly.

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Using a Conversion Service Of course, perhaps the simplest way of converting your old 8mm tapes to DVD format is to send them to a professional service.

Select your attached device for video playback When you open your video software, you will need to select the video source from which the software is to play. Getting the analogue footage into the digital domain of a computer requires either a converter box to connect the camera and the PC, or a video capture card installed in the PC.

As the device plays the analog tape, the video capture device will convert the video to a digital format recognizable by your computer. He has written for various print and online publications and wrote the book, "Appearances: Conversion Considerations One thing to keep in mind when planning to convert your 8mm tapes to DVD format is the cost of that gear required.

Your best bet is to get your hands on a VHS player and and accompanying adapter tape capable of playing 8mm tape models. From Windows Media Player, simply select the video capture device from the list of available devices.

If your camera supports S-video, the port should be small and round, designed to fit either four 4 or seven 7 pin cables. Learning about the techniques and options for converting them to DVD ensures that you can share them easily with friends and family and enjoy reliving priceless memories, digitally, for years to come.

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