How Do I Hook Up My Laptop to My TV: Connecting a Laptop to a Television? How Do I Hook Up My Laptop to My TV: Connecting a Laptop to a Television?

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S-video has the same audio limitation as the above two examples.

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So am I correct in asuming that it will not work? It sounds silly but more often than not, a laptop failing to display on a TV screen is down to the connection not being per cent in on either port.

Any media you subsequently play back on this tab will then appear on your TV.

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Prices of HDMI cables can work out at roughly a pound per metre. Unless your laptop is really old, or was a super-budget model, it should have an HDMI output.

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I have used the stereo plug to connect audio but there is no sound. However, older televisions will not have a VGA connection and will require a PC to television converter.

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Generally speaking, one HDMI cable is as good as the other. Just like when using your DVD player, select the input that your computer is connected to using your remote. Gary Boulet pluged in my hdm1 to my lab top and tv was working fine till i turned my computer off when i restarted it my computer keeps flashing on and off.

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This toggles you between using just the laptop screen, both screens or just your TV screen. There are USB converters that allow you to use this method.

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