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How to hook up with a guy friend, there's the classic booty text

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Or, if you have even the slightest feeling that the guy dressed-in-that-suit-that-fits-him-like-a-dream might be boyfriend material, maybe you should reconsider your approach and timing of the hook up. DO be honest with your friend, always.

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For example, dance lusciously, cross your legs in a way that will put Sharon Stone to shame, and all the while look at him, possibly also sticking a smirk at the corner of your mouth. Here's some options to try and make this hook up happen.

When dancing too, you can make some harmless physical contact that would make the guy see that you want a hook up, yet not make you look like a sleaze. I can see two possibilities for what might be happening with your dating.

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A little fooling around but nothing much. When I hook up with a guy how do I know he is interested in me?

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Most of the time when guys hook up with girls, they regret it. But recognize that you are taking a calculated risk!

Pushing a guy over the edge — and into your arms — is completely doable.

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If he's only interested in a physical relationship, this is a good indication he's not to concerned about your emotional needs. Like place your arms on his shoulders or move close to him so your face is nestled at the nape of his neck.

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