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Also optimized to guide to look its best in fixed-font text viewers.

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Go back and make sure the variables you were supposed to change saved and you didn't skip a step All steps under B. How do I open the landing crafts door? That's the problem with most wannabe pirates: From there change the '64' to ''.

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As a side note,this isn't realistic,as tanks do have "fragmentation" and "antipersonel" shells for use against infantry as well as armor piercing ones, usually with a supply ratio of 3 to 1 or 2 to 1,in WW2 at least, with the crew choosing the most "adequate" for every situation.

Not many additions,apart from the definitive solution on how to do the "wall-hacking" trick consistently,and some sparse comments on v1.

Battleships and the rest. As for teams,well,I generally prefer playing as the axis but I DO care about balanced teams,so don't worry when you see me logging: When you need more ammo,just walk out and get some.

Battlefield 1942 [Closed]

If you're an Engineer on a landing beach and you can predict with a certain precision WHERE on that beach an enemy landing craft will Now delete 64 and put in its place.

Download one here 3. Now all that hard work will finally pay off. An APC can replace a whole control point if manned with an adequate crew knowing what they're doing,not to mention backing it up with a tank,and can also be effectively used for patrol and anti-aircraft purposes.

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When changing the Game or Menu rfa files you skipped a step or didn't save. Usually however,it works to the infantry's advantage, in the case of tank shells.

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Anyway,he was a good pilot,no doubt! But where are you supposed to "attack" a ship,and how many shots can a ship withstand?

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If this happens it means one of two things: