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How to use accommodating in a sentence, accommodating in a sentence

Example sentences with the accommodating, a sentence example for accommodating, and how to make accommodating in sample sentence, how do I use the word accommodatingin a sentence? Every one of them insists our public policies must do a better job of supporting and accommodating and encouraging the family.

What accommodation did pilgrims use in the middle ages?

I have talked about interpretation which is accommodating so that it yields implications for language teaching. Loess is a clay that is easily cut and holds its shape; it can be incredibly accommodating as a building material. She's so nice and accommodating, I'm afraid people will take advantage of her.

But the silent, accommodating majorities on both sides will get on with the business of addressing the broader problems. Example sentence - We would like to accommodate the visitors with their requests for over night facilities but the hotel burnt down last year.

There are no accommodating solutions after the fact.

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David was gentle, generous and accommodating to a fault. It means somewhere to stay for the night or something like that Accomadation can be simply define as the ability of human eyes to focus far and near objects in the retina.

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At the colony on Doon, the ground was full of long, winding burrows, probably disused nesting holes of Puffins and Shearwaters, and in these the Fork-tailed Petrels had made their nests-in some cases one earth accommodating several pairs of birds.

Accepting these realities will help you to behave in a more accommodating way without pretense.