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Mixed installation of AC and DC power modules is supported, allowing for flexible configuration of AC or DC power modules according to service requirements.

This protocol is reliable, easy to maintain, and implements fast protection switching within 50 ms. The Huawei cloud management platform can be used to perform cloud-based network planning, optimization, monitoring, management, and configure cloud managed devices.

It implements millisecond-level protection switching based on traditional Ethernet MAC and bridging functions. Member switches in a stack implement redundancy backup to improve device reliability and use inter-device link aggregation to improve link reliability.

Downlink electrical ports support iStack. You can log in to any member switch in the stack to manage all the member switches in the stack.

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In addition, the SSI supports service configuration templates. It allows plug-and-play access switches and APs.

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After a stack is set up, multiple physical switches are virtualized into one logical device. It uses a method defined in the sFlow standard to sample traffic passing through it and sends sampled traffic to the collector in real time.

SEP is a ring protection protocol specific to the Ethernet link layer, and applies to various ring network topologies, such as open ring topology, closed ring topology, and cascading ring topology. This technology can virtualize up to nine physical switches into one logical switch.

Bosch FAD-420-HS-EN Duct Smoke Detector User Manual

The collected traffic statistics are used to generate statistical reports, helping enterprises maintain their networks. Perpetual PoE When a PoE switch is rebooted by running the reboot command or the software version is upgraded, the power supply to PDs is not interrupted.

The SSI provides the simplest network management solution in the industry for easy device management. Additionally, it supports RMON, multiple log hosts, port traffic statistics collection, and network quality analysis, which facilitate network optimization and reconstruction.

This capability ensures that PDs are not powered off during the switch reboot. The SSI supports zero-touch deployment, replacement of faulty devices without additional configuration, USB-based deployment, batch configuration, and batch remote upgrade.