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Survival Rate Amount of surviving main characters: Lumpy is crushed to death when his wheelchair hits a stone wall at a high speed.

Uninterested, they just roll their eyes and sigh, trying to ignore him. Disco Bear's headband disappears when the treadmill he's on comes in contact with Lumpy's wheelchair.

When Lifty and Shifty stole the meat, they didn't swing back. However, Lifty and Shifty who just come out of nowhere end up stealing the beef, leaving Disco Bear to exercise by skipping rope with a chain of hot dogs.

In the gym, Disco Bear's runaway treadmill runs over Sniffles, crushing him.

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He eventually falls backwards on Disco Bear's bicycle parked outside, breaking his back before falling over, paralyzed. Feeling blue, he throws the banana peel on the floor. Now Disco Bear begins exercising. Disco Bear and Lumpy begin moving downhill at a fast speed. One of Lumpy's severed arms hits Flaky on the back of her head.

Russell and Nutty's remains and all of the numerous shards of glass disappear as Handy is hit in the face with chunks of concrete. In one frame Russell's hook goes under Handy's foot despite the fact that it is in front of it.

Further ahead, Lumpy is sitting in a wheelchair from his earlier injury, sipping coffee outside the cafe also seen earlier.