Girl Talk - I Fall in Love Too Easily Lyrics Girl Talk - I Fall in Love Too Easily Lyrics

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It feels like we have been together forever, and yet it also feels like I just met you. I thought it would be a brand new start with a brand new me, but I still have those insecurities, maybe even now, more than ever.

Now I am 22 years old and married.

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I've been doing desperate things But I am so scared. Has anyone ever dealt with a similar experience?

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What is a relationship anyway? My husband is usually away from home for work so I usually get stuck at home watching the baby on my own. I can't control it.

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Maybe do something to get my mind off of guys Her feelings of need that came from the unresolved issues she had manifested themselves into cases of "instant attraction". Is this something real or just a way to kill time until something better comes along?

I feel like I am going crazy.

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