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She did not want to get married as she was at the peak of her career at that time.

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So, is it true that Ian Alexander cheated on his wife? According to Babble, Regina claimed that Ian had an extramarital affair with another woman and moreover, he abused her. I think you can find love anywhere and my heart is open to it, but I would like to have They're both extremely content right now, and marriage is the next step.

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She said that she and Warner were doing well and life was going in the right direction. This problem in their relationship led to their split.

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So he got married to Ian Alexander Sr. Ian and Regina's marriage didn't last for long and after 9 years of their happy married life, the couple got divorced in After a few days, she said that she and Warner were in a position to do whatever is best for them. It was a grand wedding and many people were invited to their marriage reception.

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Maybe he is secretly having an affair with an anonymous female. Well for the shake, here we will be discussing the matter.

I'm finally starting to amass money so I can move the hell out of this city and go make an attempt at being happy with crissy.

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