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This can come about for any number of reasons.

Hayato Ichihara

You will be provided with a copy of the game with your girl implemented to bug test your character with. This room is strictly moderated. The update is available in the updater as of this blog post. Your character is accepted. If we feel like you have a decent grasp on what you are doing, but are trying to implement complex features that would go over the head of a Renpy newbie, you will be invited to this room.

You should post specific, highly detailed questions about the CCC. If you somehow manage to turn the character around we will give you one additional look, but if you get this answer twice in a row we will no longer accept submissions from you.

To do this Stephanie and the CCC were developed together. Although I did my best to make sure the code has plenty of comments explaining everything, you still will need to spend some time in the Renpy Documentation before you will be able to make any real use of this system.

The CCC is limited to one girl per save file. You are welcome to continue creating and submitting characters with the CCC. Where can I get assistance with the CCC?

In this way I feel I have created a fairly comprehensive system. Normally a character requires appending code all over the place. This is not a hand holding system.