Mel B 'accused of intimidating a witness set to testify against her' | Metro News Mel B 'accused of intimidating a witness set to testify against her' | Metro News

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Eventually, the witnesses were able to give evidence from behind a screen while wearing balaclavas and boiler suits. Investigators can obtain assistance with these interim measures from local crime reduction advisers and neighbourhood policing teams.

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The table below lists a number of situations and potential actions to consider. However some, including Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman Simon Hughes, believe it is not enough of a deterrent.

What is aggravated intimidation of a witness? Bribing a Juror C. Contact Between Defendants and Witnesses In criminal cases, defendants often are ordered not to have contact with any witnesses while the case is pending.

Force welfare departments can provide advice and guidance to officers in these circumstances. This is run by volunteers and offers: Reluctant witnesses These are people who are believed to have witnessed an offence, part of an offence or events closely connected with it, but are reluctant to become involved in the investigative process.

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Investigators tasked with interviewing a witness should consider the welfare needs of the witness throughout. A defendant should never do this alone or without an attorney present as it can easily result in the witness perceiving the conversation as an attempt to influence testimony.

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The function of the investigator in these circumstances is simply to provide enough information to allow the potential witness to decide whether to assist or not. When a suspect is identified or arrested, the witness should be informed and kept up to date about court appearances, and whether the suspect has been remanded in custody or is out on bail.

Congressexecutive departments, and administrative agencies. Laws regarding witness tampering also apply to proceedings before the U.

Witness tampering

Mr Thurlbeck has sued the company for unfair dismissal. Neville Thurlbeck was initially arrested on suspicion of the illegal interception of mobile phone voice mails in April last year and has been on police bail ever since.

Where hostile witnesses consent to an interview, it should be video-recorded, unless they object to this. Early identification of actual or potential intimidation means that witnesses can be offered a service tailored to their requirements, making it more likely that they will give evidence in court.