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And now, to begin at the beginning: Many non-German composers are a bit cheesed off at the way the German-speaking ones seem to regard themselves as the real bearers of tradition and everyone else as amusingly provincial.

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It's changed a bit over the years, and most histories divide it up into periods. The general consensus now is that the riot was caused not so much by Stravinsky's pounding music as by the way that principal dancer Vaslav Nijinsky 's tights left so little to the imagination.

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Has 'classical music' really been going on since AD ? Composers in the romantic period are the first generation to be severely self-conscious about coming after a period of composers who everyone thought was great, namely the guys in the previous paragraph, and they deal with this in various ways.

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Obviously, some people record much more than that, but most never get to. Mozart is the most poised and 'classical' of classical composers, balancing comedy and tragedy on a knife-edge in his operas and concertos.

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The romantic era lasts from about to the end of the 19th century, and includes figures like the not-really-all-that-romantic Johannes Brahms and the could-hardly-be-any-more-romantic Richard Wagnerwho is temperamentally Brahms' opposite: Because people keep being born who want to make music that demands, and repays, a little bit more attention than usual, and these are the people we call 'composers'.

To explain why, meet Josef Rheinberger.

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Is this really going to take more than one article? Haydn is the great innovator, codifying forms like the string quartet and symphony and immediately bending them in outrageous ways.

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Ever since then, the prestige of classical music has never been as widespread.