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Sometimes supporters enjoy the nickname that their club gets given. Derived from the glove making factories in the area, Yeovil adopted the nickname, but are surely regretting that decision in what is one of most ridiculous names in the Football League today.

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NFL Rival fans taunt you by putting 'Fudge' in front of your name, but you've got more titles than everyone else, so that's nice. What personality traits are most striking about this person? Adding fat is not adding functional weight.

Nor have, at least as far as evidence shows, any of their fans, players or managers been able to spin their head around degrees on their shoulders.

Hopefully, though, this gives you something of a taste of the sort of nicknames that exist in football and why they were given in the first place. This is the only linebacker corps to all be elected to the same Pro Bowl. There are many more teams named after the colour of their kit or the industry that made their local area famous.

Louis Rams record-breaking offensive team. Animals are regularly used by some teams, with Hull City being an excellent example. The side was formed as an amateur team in under the original name of Thames Ironworks.