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This part of Thailand always faces flooding in rainy season and drought during dry season every year.

Evolution of Uranium Isotopic Compositions of the Groundwater and Rock in a Sandy-Clayey Aquifer

In this case, the concentration of Cl in injected water is higher than the native groundwater in the aquifer, due to the addition of NaOCl for disinfection purposes during the treatment of surface water before injection.

This means that the injected groundwater did not reach the outside wells. Quaternary young terrace deposits Qyt or Quaternary lower terrace deposit Qlt consists of sandy clay, silt and various size of gravel. The high difference in Cl concentration between the injected water and the groundwater in the aquifer can be used to trace the flow of injected water as shown in Figure 10 and Figure Understanding groundwater sources and movement using water chemistry and tracers in a low matrix permeability terrain: The aim of this study is to prove the suitability of natural tracers to follow up the artificial recharge process; emphasis will be placed on Strontium Sr isotopic composition.

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REE concentrations of injected water varied strongly within the time of investigation. Geological Survey for Northern Ireland. The study area consists of solid rocks including sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rock of various ages, namely Silurian-Devonian rocks, Carboniferous rocks, Permo-Carboniferous rocks, Permian rocks, Triassic rock, Jurassic rocks, Jurassic rocks, Upper Cretaceous-Tertiary rocks, and Quaternary basalt; cover by Quaternary sediments consisting of: Groundwater was extracted from more than wells for agriculture covering an area of 71, rais km2.

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In these areas, the most dangerous aspect is the flow of groundwater from the underlying horizons, since during the operation of water supply wells it can lead to the creation of local zones of oxidizing conditions in the perforated screens zone and the transition of uranium into solution.

This system consists of the chemical addition of Aluminium Sulfate for precipitation, clarification through Lamella type clarifier, filtration through a sand filter and disinfection by addition of chlorine liquid compound NaOCl. Miyake, Y, Koyama, T, editors.

Cl concentrations in injected water 18 - 23 ppm were significantly higher than those in the deep and shallow aquifers 4 - 13 ppm. Lastly, 1 water treatment plant as shown in Figure 2.