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But after she learns about her father's ongoing relationship with his mistress, she starts to open up her heart to Jin-wook. But this time Jung-ae does not support Soon-shin taking the offer after finding out that her late husband may have had an affair with another woman, who then gave birth to Soon-shin.

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His music career caused him to sever ties with his father. He also loves to gossip, particularly with Chan-mi, whom he eventually falls for. Kim Yoon-seo - Choi Yeon-ah A rising young actress, Yeon-ah broke Joon-ho's heart years ago, and currently has a mentor relationship with Mi-ryung.

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Watching Soon-shin do everything to realize her dream of becoming an actress, Joon-ho looks back on his career and finds himself changing as he discovers the true meaning of success.

After she rejoins Gabi Entertainment, Soon-shin also realizes that she likes Joon-ho and they begin dating. Soon-shin only agrees to stay at Mi-ryung's house to keep reporters away from her adoptive family.

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All her audience knows of her personal history is that her parents were teachers. Why was I born?

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In every session, Mi-ryung does this and Yi-jung quits the class. He successfully debuted two hot idol bands in just a few years and started to emerge as rising star in show business.

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The assertive, second daughter is a marketing executive for an outdoor sportswear brand. In he landed his first television role on cable series What's Up as awkward but talented music student Kim Byung-gun. Jo's display of versatility and screen presence in those projects has caused a recent surge in mainstream popularity for the actor, resulting in close to twenty offers for films and dramas, not to mention commercials.

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He is then revealed to be a witness to the death of Lee Chang-hoon. Joon-ho tells Yeon-ah to give up her plans to go solo and just sign with him.