Who is Jack Wagner dating Who is Jack Wagner dating

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B&B's Jack Wagner and Ashley Jones on The Price is Right! (Updated)

The year-old star recently discovered that he has a daughter named Carrie who tracked him down after being lost for a long time. Now they are still married and another kid is on the way Which late night comedy show did Jack Wagner host in ? Soon after his son was born, Jack started to tour around the world, leaving his family all alone.

It has been said that Jack was having a relationship with two women at that time, Paula Irvine and Nona Arvesen, and that was the reason why Kristina left Jack.

Personal life[ edit ] Wagner was married to actress Kristina Wagnerwho played opposite him on General Hospital as his love interest Felicia Cummings. Born in Washington, Missouri, he has given incredible performances in many projects.

The Jack the Ripper deaths occurred in According to an inside source, arguments were very common between them. But havent really seen him in anything lately, maybe is jack's love child Where do you find jack in wonderland sim date? Kristina came back to him when she knew that he had stopped his womanizing acts.

Jones and Jack did not comment on this rumor. Is actor Jack Wagner Sterling Knight's father?