Sylvester Stallone hits out at Jack Whitehall's 'insulting lies' over Oscars | Film | The Guardian Sylvester Stallone hits out at Jack Whitehall's 'insulting lies' over Oscars | Film | The Guardian

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Meet the year-old man who invented modern-day Chinese and all but eradicated illiteracy, and find out why language caused the go-light in Japan to be blue.

In the "Europe" episode which was recorded later but ended up airing before the England episodeAlan reveals that he has no actual Welsh roots, and he and David Mitchell trade flags swapping Alan's Welsh flag for David's English flag—David actually is Welsh on his mother's side, and as his father was born to Scottish parents in Liverpool, he has repeatedly said he prefers to be called "British" over "English" or anything else.

The camera closed in on Stephen as he announced that it was time for the Knick Knack, then cut out to show that the box was now in place beside him, and he reacted as if it had suddenly appeared. Prone to happen when a panelist guesses the right answer in a flippant or joking manner.

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And even more hilariously, he gives her an answer that makes some sense, and accuses Victoria of being a witch. We're not allowed to mention it's Fairy A two-way brick, depending on whether one goes by order of recording or order of airing.

What do we measure feet in? What is the unit? After writing many successful books, his recent memoir The Fry Chronicles was a number one bestseller.

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The 'moons' cited in the show were actually Near-Earth Asteroids - they have a 1: Stephen tread on one with a double-bluff question about "The Man with Two Brains" — leading to an increase in double bluffs and other provocations whenever David is on the panel.