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Because Jyotish is known for his exact timing, some people think that Vedic astrologers are mediums, but in fact they see events of the past and the future based on the logical analysis of the birth chart, the use of dash, transit and other methods, and also using practical experience.

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December 23, - Lite version Release version 3. In astrology, two large systems traditions are best known: Please download them on your own risk. You can read more about him here. Vedic Astrology is designed to help us overcome the "surprises" of fate, predicting them.

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Jyotish and Western astrology use various aspects - "views" - of planets. And in the dasa of the planets graha-dashahand in dasa signs rashi-dashaheach of the periods is controlled by a certain planet or sign, which activates the potential inherent in the birth chart and brings events to the person's life.

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In total, there are more than fifty different Dasha systems period systems. Unlike the western, it is about 24 degrees; and the sign of the moon is more important than the sign of the sun.

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That's why everyone goes to school, different seminars, read books and the like. Jyotish is a sidereal star-based system of astrology, that is, using a sidereal, fixed zodiac, and therefore it reflects a spatial or stellar model of time. Rashi - the signs of the zodiac The zodiac in Vedic Astrology consists of 12 rashi constellations, signs.

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Western astrology speaks of the characteristic features of the personality only by the sign in which the Sun is at the time of birth what most people call "my zodiac sign"while Jyotish defines a person primarily in the Nakshatra of the Moon at birth "star birth " and the sign of the moon at the time of birth " birth sign "but also according to the Ascendant " rising sign " and other signs.

Although both systems traditions of astrology use 12 signs of the zodiac, they determine the arrangement of signs in different ways, starting their counting from different points of the ecliptic.

Jyotish takes for the beginning of the zodiac the point corresponding to the fixed star - the Zeta Pisces z Piscium. The planet in Jyotish is correctly called 'graha'.

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January 14, Release version 7. Therefore, a complete printout of various maps, periods and tables using different methods of Jyotish can be 10, or even 20 pages. The nine Grahas [planets] of Vedic Astrology are the seven visible planets and the two lunar nodes of Rahu and Ketu.