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The well cast gilded brass case is decorated with leafy vines and is surmounted by a carrying handle in the form of intertwined mermaids. The substantial 8 day duration bell striking movement with replaced lever platform strikes the hours and has the facility of a push button repeat.

Japy's plants continued to produce clocks in many styles and at the higher priced levels.

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All parts could be assembled into a finished product on-site instead of the previous sub-assemblies and the machines could be operated by a less-skilled worker.

Once the movement was assembled, it was then sent to a 'dresser' who would in turn mount it into a case - be it a small one or an elaborate brass plated mantle clock complete with mythological figures.

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However, his sons' sons did not inherit the creative and inventive spirit of their fathers and grandfather and by the early 's, many of the the businesses were sold off and the manufacturing was dismantled.

Steam Mill Clocks on Sellingantiques since 19 March Description This is a very nice Victorian carriage clock of French manufacture dating from the last quarter of the nineteenth century with a highly decorative Rococo style case.

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The parts were then collected and mounted into a piece by an 'assembler'. A black slate mantle clock with gong, 19th century, with maker's mark for Japy Freres, an architectural style clock with a shaped triangular pediment above a temple facade enclosing a Murison Fraserburgh dial with an enamel chapter ring and Arabic numerals.

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The dial has a chip on the top left The size is also ideal for modern tastes being 8 inches tall to the very top of the case handle up ,5 inches wide and 4 inches deep making it suitable to be placed anywhere. Personal viewings are very welcome Should the asking price be paid in full I will ship and provide a 12 months guarantee free of charge in England,Wales and the Scottish lowlands.

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The overall condition is excellent with a sympathetically cleaned case and movement which is in perfect working order. There are few French carriage clocks in existence that do not have Japy enamel dials on them.

A 19th century French gilt metal and spelter mantel clock, the gothic base with porcelain panels to the arcaded fascia flanking a white enamel dial with Roman numerals and Breguet type hands, surmounted by a bronzed spelter ecclesiastical figure group. I have to be the buyers eyes so my descriptions have to be detailed but I am sure that the condition will delight the most discerning customer.

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