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The week-long trip on the Norwegian Dawn will include themed parties, cabaret shows and dances. McKechnie also offers glimpses of her early career-making work — performing all three parts in the Company trio "You Could Drive a Person Crazy" and dancing a bit of Promises, Promises' "Turkey Lurkey Time" — before dazzling the audience with the three theatre tunes that form the evening's climax: And the audiences are loving it, and I'm having a blast!

Skipping ahead a bit, how did you get involved with All Shook Up? She not only thrilled with the sheer volume of her tones, easily navigating the song's highest notes, but completely moved this listener as she acted out the song, which employs the tale of a meadowlark as a metaphor for Genevieve's own complicated relationships.

I played Emily, and I remember afterwards, my mom's good friends had been in the audience, and they came to say "good job," and they were still crying.

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Tell me a little bit about working with the two All Shook Up leading men you have worked with. Hairspray was quite a journey for me because I actually did the very first reading of it back in springand I was in Footloose at the time.

Then we went to Seattle, and I was so thrilled to be a part of it. They were still so moved, affected by the show, and it was almost like they couldn't look at me as Jenny — I was Jenny back then [laughs] — and I thought, "Gee, they know me, and I still had this effect on them, so maybe I could really do this.

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Jenn Gambatese, Cheyenne Jackson & All Shook Up Ensemble - All Shook Up Album

I wound up leaving to do Frog and Toad because I really loved that show and believed in it. I was at a final audition with him.

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You never saw me do [the role]. Not at the moment.

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I'm definitely there through November, because it's a year contract from when we first started. But I had this realization [that] when Natalie gets the idea and becomes Ed, in a strange way that's more comfortable.

What was your experience like in that show?