Top 6 Bangkok Night Markets Top 6 Bangkok Night Markets

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When the performance did begin, it was the amusing act of seeing the two girls shoot objects like bananas, darts at a balloonand ping pong balls of course — all using her nether region. I exchanged a few dollars. I ordered a vodka drink and insisted on knowing much it cost.

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You may stumble into a vintage rock band t-shirt collection or an army fatigue clothing stand. There are so many narrow ways to get in, and after that you will find your way to shop around.

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You can get to any of the markets by use of different modes of transportation including bus, taxi, train, MRT, and boat. You can find everything that you can imagine here!

When you visit any of these 6 Bangkok Night Markets, be guaranteed to buy a lot of items at pocket friendly prices and meet thousands of people.

Everything is available at Chatuchak Market… that is if you know where to look. You can be shopping for days! I put beloved in quotes because there is a law which makes it a criminal offense to say anything bad about him in public.

Therefore you should avoid touching people on the head, and try not to point your feet at people, it is considered very rude.

There is a staggering 15, stalls in Chatuchak and once you get stuck into the browsing you can soon become overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the place.

His photos are everywhere in Thailand and his birthday is a national holiday.