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Previous Video Next Video. All in all, he's an enigma and he's constantly producing weird content and I think you guys would enjoy him and his sexual vegan antics.

John Sakars

Listening to more than two Sakars songs in one sitting has lead to brain tumorsspontaneous abortions in pregnant women and runs the risk of turning the listener into a vegan.

John has made a series of videos of him reading 'mean' comments telling him to shut up, However unfortunately John has far too many rocks in his head to take that advice. John Sakars is a 40 year old vegan straight-edge YouTuber who is probably best known as "The Vegan Vagina Guy", stemming from a video in which he licks the air on camera for 10 straight minutes encouraging vegan women to pleasure themselves to the thought of him licking their pussy.

We can only hope that John takes the commenters advice and shuts the fuck up. But he does it in such a weird way that it's on this boarder of "cringe" and "amazing.

Many people also complain that John has weird fucking teeth however John still thinks that having a removable tooth and licking food off of it is sexy. He's also admitted to engaging in sexual acts with a cat as a teenager and every so often makes a video about how nothing is real and free will is an illusion.

However, every so often, he uploads videos where he responds to hate comments and makes "dating" videos where he describes himself to any woman who would potentially want to date him.

The Movie[ edit ] This should explain everything. Posted 15 Dec I searched the forum but couldn't find any threads about John Sakars, and I love him so much and wanted to make one.

John refuses to use any sort of mastering software and as such his voice is horribly untuned. Musical career[ edit ] Sakars is best known for his mad guitar skills.

He knows about three chords and only uses one per song. Sakar's interesting voice is possibly a side effect of having his testicles surgically removed which, thankfully, means he can never reproduce and create more mindless pro-vegans assuming his dick ever actually penetrates a vagina at all.

A lot of his videos have generally great messages, like being kind to animals and other people, being healthy, pro-sex messages, self-love, etc.

Comment Videos[ edit ] Many people who have called John out on his bullshit often leave our favorite cat-rapist a message or two on Youtube. The lyrical content generally revolves around veganism, his penisother men's penisesbestialityand bathtubs.