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At first Oolong declines but after some convincing from Bulma, he relents. Master Roshi puts out the flames on Fire Mountain with the Kamehameha Wave, but destroys the castle in the process.

After calling Baby Gamerathe three were on their way. However, Goku manages to perform it within 50 seconds, and destroys the capsule car in the process.

On this date, which is nothing more than a walk, Oolong turned as Bulma shows Roshi his breasts, which totally floors the master and the "date" is effectively over. While searching for the Bansho Fan, Turtle mentions that Master Roshi was last using it as a placemat.

Eventually, the group takes off, and Yamcha and Puar follow in their own air car.

The Kamehameha Wave

Master Roshi then decides to go to Fire Mountain himself to put out the fire. Goku attempts the Kamehameha Master Roshi tells Goku that the Kamehameha took him 50 years to perfect. Master Roshi prepares for his special technique Upon arriving at Fire Mountain, Ox-King rushes to greet his old master, and Master Roshi immediately falls to the ground riding around in circles made him dizzy.

After berating Ox-King for killing people over his treasure in his castle, the mighty giant begs for his forgiveness. Goku learns the Kamehameha Wave, and blows up the car Yamcha gave them in the process. Bulma will only go on a date with him when the hermit puts out the fire.

The hermit says that he threw it out because it was sticky from some juice he spilled on it. Meanwhile, Yamcha and Puar are still staring in awe. When it was all over, he returns to his normal self, but everyone mentions that even though the fire is out, the castle is destroyed as well.