KaromatiX 2 Game Download for PC KaromatiX 2 Game Download for PC

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But 2 downers, one fairly minor but the other a gigantic drawback at least for me. Took a bit to get used to connecting with the pieces on the side vs straight on as well.

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Trust me, the directions are simple and they do not change. I'm passing on this one forever -- life's too short! I would not recommend this game unless you just want to sit for a long time and wait for things to happen.

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Currently my favourite game. Try before you buy. First the minor problem: But the difference with this game is that tiles need to be side on and if hit straight on don't count.

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Special effects good between levels, but lasted too long. Graphics are simple but clean and clear no difficulty seeing what is where. Yes, there's a power-up time extender, but not till after level 9 or so and it doesn't show up often.

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And tick the box in the top left hand corner to stop the instructions coming up every time.