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As a result, SMAP incidentally brought in kindergartners and preteens to their fan base. As the project was to be kept confidential, he worked with the covered wall for 3 continuous nights from midnight until 6 a.

Katori Shingo

Within the framework of Japonismesa cultural festival organized by France and Japan in order to celebrate the th anniversary of diplomatic relation between the both countries, Katori will give his very first solo exhibition in the Louvre Museum, Paris. In Decemberthe trademark phrase "Ohha", used by Katori, won the Ryukougo Taisho, an annual traditional event of announcing words that describes that year.

After five of the other band members auditioning individually from throughin autumntwenty boys, from ages ten to seventeen, were put together into a group called The Skate Boys, which was initially created as backup dancers for a famous boy band, Hikaru Genji.

He has also starred in many high-rated television series, such as Hito ni YasashikuSaiyukiand Bara no nai Hanaya After several supporting roles, inhe landed his first major role in a drama television series, Tomei Ningen, which became a massive success.

Katori started to used the phrase, "Ohha", a pun for "Ohayo", meaning "good morning" during the segment as his trademark phrase, which soon became a popular word used among children.

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Katori starred in a segment titled, "Shingo Mama's Secret Breakfast", where Katori would cross-dress into a character called, "Shingo Mama", and visit houses to cook breakfast for children instead of their mother, allowing her to sleep in and rest in the morning. It was his first participation in an art exhibition.

On August 16,Katori released a single, "Shingo Mama's Oha Rock", as Shingo Mama, which reached number one on the charts with over 1, physical copies sold and became a social phenomenon.

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Inspired by the legendary timepiece of the French luxury brand, Katori created a painting and an art work. Shingo Mama, the lovable character Katori played, and the phrase "Ohha", became a social phenomenon.

Shingo Mama[ edit ] From OctoberNakai and Katori launched their own variety program, SataSma, which was created and aimed towards younger viewers and families.

FromShingo Mama promoted the use of Ohha as part of a Ministry of Education campaign to encourage family communication.

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