Who is Jae-Joong Kim dating? Jae-Joong Kim girlfriend, wife Who is Jae-Joong Kim dating? Jae-Joong Kim girlfriend, wife

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Advertisement The year old idol has enlisted in the military service on March 31, and he even made it to the top recruit among members in his batch and earned the Excellence Award during the graduation ceremony of their batch.

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Sun-woo comes home for a shower, telling his parents that he will be returning straight to work. Yoon-jin accepted the invitation. Mom takes the bag to the location provided by Ki-chul after disguising herself in bargain store clothes.

They can only take care of her while she is with them. She quickly calls him with an excuse that she is busy with work and insists not to meet tonight. Ki-chul appears and warns Mom to not try to run away alone and leave her family behind. The sold-out concert in Seoul occurs for 2 continuous night, with appearances from well-known artists like Kim Bum Soo and Gummy singer a labelmate.

Amidst all the concert blues, Jaejoong attended various interviews in news outlets and radio shows in Japan, a feat he can't do in his own country due to the obstruction his group received from the industry.

About Kim Jae-joong

She meets Ki-chul because she does not want to make reports on Sun-woo's movement anymore. Summary 1 In a dark alley of Shenyang, China, Kim Sun-woo speaks with his mother on the phone, reassuring her that he is traveling up from Busan.

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His fans assume that Kim Jae joong is such a playboy. He talked about it to the Japanese press. Sun-woo wanders the streets alone. On 27 NovemberYokohama FM announces that Jaejoong will have his own segment in their radio show, 'Jejung's whisper' which will air every Wednesday.

At the dining table, Hyun-tae asks Mom about her past in China and how she met her husband. He says he likes someone who has beauty from within; who is younger than he is, who has long wavy brown hair, who has long fingers, who has beautiful mind, and who loves him forever and never leaves him alone.

His eyes settle on the same picture Sun-woo honed in on as he thinks back to Sun-woo snatching the explosion case file away from him.