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I can't imagine Lee doing anything like this to Kisame or even Zabuza was only able to find the dub 0mVF6Mu8Rrs kimmimaro is a way better fighter than zabuza if lee was able to take him on taijutsu wise why wouldnt he be able to take zabuza Terryc Lee drank a whole Sake battle with his fight against Kimimaro, and if Kimimaro used his full kenkei gekkai he would have beat Drunk Lee pretty easily.

It was not soon that this prophecy became a Legacy pass from generation to generation and today peace is yet to be found is naruto the hero of this world or will this legacy continue or will you rest on the hands of Naruto Uzumaki. You act as though Kisame would need to use a single water jutsu to beat Raiga.

The Hatter Originally posted by NemeBro Kisame wins because the lightning guy sucks total ass and makes his team lose by default. Only excetion is Kakashi. A Old toad once said as he looks at his crystal orb, " One day two child will meet each other this Childs are the Childs of prophecy " they will be the one to restore peace.

We moved to www. A 1 on 2 battle.

Funny Zabuza vs. Kisame Fight

The way i see that fight is Like the bit about Kabuto being an equal to Kakashi. He was correct he found one of the child from the prophecy his name was nagato. On one unlucky day the leaf village was attack by Nagato, and completely destroy both child fought in this battle field and nagato 6 body of pain were destroy by Naruto, once they had met face to face naruto believes to obtain peace change nagato allowing him to restore peace, doing so nagato sacrifice his life to restore the life of all the people he killed in that very day and moment.