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We could speculate it very well might be — based on the spooky things he encounters during his time there. We think the spider was actually trying to start a web, but still, Chris decided to end the fight by Unfortunately we're not authorized to show these lyrics.

It's a complete abandoned mess and some might even argue haunted. She joined in on the fun and celebrated with the happy couple, noting in her Twitter post that it's moments like these that really make you appreciate living in New York! Jordan Holgerson was at Moulton Falls, a popular spot in Washington where people jump and play around in the water.

View Now Newest Skiing Toward An Erupting Volcano Imagine you're minding your own business on a ski lift at a resort when suddenly a volcano erupts right behind you!

But we'll settle down out west, in t-shirts from low-class outlets, posters we wish we were and pictures of favorite stages.

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KFSN producer Rudy Rendon tweeted out the hilarious videos of the fan getting extremely embarrassed as his mom shows off some interesting and awkward moves and his dad is laughing hard and red in the face as the dancing goes on.

We can almost see kitty getting a little sleepy over there.

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Don't go faking it, feeling it, feeling like we never were the realest shit I don't see it that way anymore, see a mistake anymore. Look at the cage I've been caught up in, look at the way I've been brought up, look at the pain I called my God I never wanted it bad enough.

Rainbow Kitten Surprise - Fail! Lyrics

When Chris and his buddies found a wolf spider, he figured that it was trying to start a fight. There goes all I ever wanted how'd I ever fail so soon.

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Hardly two feet in the same boat, hardly two keys on the same note, if you knew I wish you would've never said so. Super gross and totally not cool, Chris!