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The feedback we received when we presented our collection in February during the White Club catwalks was absolutely brilliant, so we were very honoured to be able to come here again.

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In your opinion, can fashion be considered as a form of art? It definitely helped us to get in touch with the Italian market and the buyers, but also with the local manufacturers and suppliers. Van Engelen joined Klavers to assist him with his designs, but soon the duo launched together their own brand.

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A development which gained designers like them an international podium. Removing the last is the final step in the shoemaking process.

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A last has a relatively small surface and the difference between a good fit and a poor fit pattern can be a matter of millimeters. Klavers and van Engelen like to cross borders by working with theater and musicians.

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If you need a pair of well fitted shoes, please feel free to contact me on the possibilities. Here in a showroom in Amsterdam they explain their new collection to fashion critic Milou van Rossum.

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A general development which took place across Dutch fashion during the course of the past decade. We always tell each other how happy we are to be working together.

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In the past 30 years I have made up to 9, pairs of complex patterns and uppers for the Orthopedic Shoe Industry.