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Both of these competitors deliver a few dB more output than the RSW. As you can read in the review, my ears confirmed this.

However, as noted above, I did hear it in the lower frequencies below 40 Hz. The RSW proves that notion wrong.

Klipsch RW

The only weird thing about the RSW's frequency response is that big rise, peaking at 70 Hz. So, while the sub doesn't measure flat without a crossover which would never be the caseit should deliver a fairly flat response with one.

Note that it disappears when the crossover is engaged, and you get an almost perfectly flat response with a -3dB point at 80 Hz--exactly what you're supposed to get.

I also felt I was able to get just a touch more bass definition from the Sumiko S. Note that the RSW hits its limiter at every frequency from Conclusion I was starting to think that mainstream speaker companies had no business in today's subwoofer business because they can't deliver the kind of value and performance that some of the Internet-only guys can.

Neither the Klipsch nor the Power Sound model offers this, although of course an aftermarket EQ could be added to either. But the Klipsch does have that appealing punch, possibly to a greater degree than the others.

It does give up a little bit in power compared with its toughest competitors, but few home theater enthusiasts are likely to push their systems hard enough to discover this.

Averages are calculated in pascals. I didn't notice this difference at the higher frequencies, where the RSW seemed like it was trying to collapse my chest at times.