The Traditions and Customs of the Korean People The Traditions and Customs of the Korean People

Korean traditions of dating, chinese and japanese influence over korean culture

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Visual associations to learn the Korean alphabet in record time! The groom traveled by horse to the bride's house and after the wedding ceremony took his wife in a palanquin sedan chair to his parents' house to live.

While interacting with others it is thus advisable to keep an eye on the mood of the other individual. However, the Korean Constitutional Court found this piece of legislation unconstitutional and asked for an amendment by the legislative branch in a decision.

The traditional culture of Korea refers to the shared cultural heritage of the Korean Peninsula.

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Many Asian nations such as Korea and Japan will wait until they have completed their studies and university before dating. Holding hands and a light peck on the cheek is okay, but anything beyond is considered crossing the invisible line.

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Men pay money to match-up and meet their spouse on the moment of their arrival to South Korea. The quantity or numbers also add value to your gifts; seven is considered as a lucky number so anything in multiples of seven will be accepted heartily. The main requirement for attending a Korean wedding is that you bring a white envelope that contains money to present to the bride and groom.

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There will be many accompanying bowls of sauces for dipping. This is not only the union between two individuals but two families.

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