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Lookie here — is that what Yolanda thinks it is? Mike Lamond who has nearly 1 million subscribers on the YouTubea perfect procrastination tool for most kids and a money-minting gold mine for a select few others.

Mike Lamond

In other words, if any of you kiddies think it might be cute to roll out to Tarzana and attempt to steal Ms. How is their relationship going on?

The property is basically right around the corner from Loyola Marymount. The channel started expanding beyond Husky's own expectations, and at one point Husky was uploading around videos per month.

Now here we have a guy calling himself HuskyStarcraft real name: The tournament was sponsored and cash prizes were awarded.

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So for all you struggling Hollywood dreamers, hauling yourself from audition to audition, remember this: A real diving board?! Anyway, these subscriber folks willingly devoted several minutes — if not several hours — of their life to watching Mr.

Now call Yolanda a bitter old hag if you must, but we find that downright shocking. The exact time of their love relationship is still a mystery but as per Pansino's twitter post, they have been together for more than two years now. Husky began following the electronic sports community when he discovered GOM TVa streaming service in South Korea that broadcast StarCraft gameplay from professional gamers.

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Wings of Liberty matches with the game's beta release in February You might earn a few shekels! Well, now we all know who he was.

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