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The Tagalogs from Bataan who wanted to settle in Zambales first saw Subic but thought that it was exposed to the attacks of marauding pirates, they moved inland and formed a village they named Uguic.

Trinidad Officer in Charge — Estanislao Bernardino President The religious improvement of the town was comparably slow.

On the South, the boundary with Subic was rather undetermined for sometime. And it was further reduced when San Antonio became a Pueblo in by the Cession to it of the mountainous area east of Castillejos. A contingent of Castillejos residents joined the revolutionary forces capturing the Spanish troops in Zambales in In the first week of Januarythe people of Zambales, led by Gov.

Attempts were made to have those apprehended and returned to San Marcelino but most of them could not be located.


The province produces 59 classes of wood and those of superior quality include; acle, dongon, anapag, ayarro, guijo, amoguis, banaba, obien, camalansanay, ebano, calantas, tindalo, tangol and yarabac.

The administration of the province found it difficult to visit Subic owing to the mountain that had to be crossed and during the rainy season, Subic was all but isolated from the rest of Zambales. Billman Mayor May 20, His parishioners comprised the people of San Antonio and San Marcelino who on those specified days went to Uguic to have their newly born baptized and even officiate the sacrament of matrimony.

Pablo Calvilo who officially resided in Subic set aside certain days of the week for the month and went to Uguic to make a visit that is to officiate mass to the churchgoers.

Most Filipinos felt that when the Treaty of Paris was signed, they had already won their final battles against the Spaniards and independence was rightfully theirs.

Pablo of the Supreme Court, were acquitted and reinstated in their positions. Originally, San Marcelino was founded by the Ilocanos in Castillejos.