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Hold the handle of the lightsaber stronger and show what you can do, but only after passing all the labyrinths of the intricacies of the plot, you will learn the true history of the universe Star Wars.

Lego Star Wars to play for free — it's great, and since you are waiting for the numerous levels at which constantly test of endurance and courage, you definitely will not be bored.

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However, they are stopped by the Rancor. You have to fight with the enemy and defend the republic, choosing which side to perform. Meanwhile, the younglings are mistaken for the cantina band.

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While in space, it is revealed that Ian had sneaked aboard Yoda and Cody's ship. Meanwhile, Asajj Ventress is also in the Senate Building, having just stolen secret battle plans with the intention of delivering them to Palpatine and plan an attack on Coruscant.

A variety of techniques and dynamics of the plot will not leave indifferent young warriors, who will battle with the Sith, exercises with a lightsaber, flying in space ships.

Lego Star Wars: Droid Tales

Lego Star Wars games The legendary space saga It's nice when two or more great ideas are combined into one, even if they previously did not bind. The enemy will certainly go on the attack, hoping that you are confused and do not have time to escape from a direct hit or take another error.

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For variety, you can take the dark side and fight on behalf of the Sith, which can not rest until I devour all the Jedi. Meanwhile, Yoda and Commander Cody battle with Ventress and a small group of battle droids. While on the tour, the young child, now known as "Ian" stirs up trouble, causing C-3PO, R2-D2 and the rest of the younglings to flee into space, where they find themselves in the middle of a battle between Republic and Confederate forces.

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The dynamics of events will not relax for a minute, requiring all new tactical actions.