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It remained in orbit for 12 days before re-entering the Earth's atmosphere and splashing down into the Bay of Bengal. The cost associated with the launch was met by the Government of India. This low background, in the presence of which one has to detect the feeble signal from cosmic sources is a major advantage in conducting hard X-ray observations from India.

With these considerations, an X-ray astronomy group was formed at TIFR in and development of an instrument with an orientable X-ray telescope. Anyone can register for totally free online dating in Bangalore and experience the thrill of free online dating.

Indian Space Research Organisation Satellite Centre

At present, ISRO operates a large number of earth observation satellites. We allow our users to make friends, meet them, chat with them and also build a relationship. It was also intended to test thermal protection, navigation, guidance, control, deceleration and flotation systems, as well as study hypersonic aerothermodynamics, management of communication blackouts, and recovery operations.

The initial versions are composed of the 1 ABCD nomenclature. It was ISRO's 4th commercial launch. The second advantage is that many bright sources like Cyg X-1Crab NebulaScorpius X-1 and Galactic Centre sources are observable from Hyderabad due to their favourable declination.

It is being used for monitoring the oceans surface and sea-levels.