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In particular, the evolution of biodiversity, and specifically the genesis of genomic, developmental and morphological diversity as well as their evolutionary interconnections, are of interest to us.

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Hailey and 8 others shortlisted this university Share ABOUT What do you expect of your studies, of your future university, of your university town? This assessment was underscored by the edition of the global ranking "QS Top 50 under 50", which also concentrates on universities under the age of These books address topics such as creativity, "Project Europe", networks and clusters.

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In an effort to better understand the origin and maintenance of diversity we mostly use molecular and bioinformatic approaches, to ask how many and what kind of genetic changes accompany morphological differentiation among populations and species.

You will spend a great part of your life as Sincethe forum has published a series of books to commemorate its conferences.

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International collaboration[ edit ] The University of Konstanz maintains an extensive cooperation network with regional, national and international partner institutions from the areas of science, economics, politics and the public sector.

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In this case Konstanz came 21st in the global comparison. Through the Internationale Bodensee-Hochschule, the University of Konstanz is connected to 30 other universities in the tri-border area Germany - Austria - Switzerland. Without infringing upon the responsibilities of the university and the Studentenwerk state-run non-profit organisation for student servicesit carries out the following tasks:

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