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He was 73 years old.

Macel Falwell: Jerry, Jesus, and Me

After his death, his sons succeeded him at his two positions; Jerry Falwell Jr. In my home on Christmas morning, no one unwrapped a gift until the Christmas story had been read from the book of Luke. I don't know where that would take us.

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So you see, our story is not relevant because of who we were, for we were polar opposites, ordinary people with ordinary weaknesses, whose lives intersected with Jesus. When Carlson countered that conservatives "are always arguing against 'special rights' for gays," Falwell said that equal access to housing and employment are basic rights, not special rights.

I guess I'm happy I could give him work.

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I was the youngest of three daughters with a younger brother on whom we doted. He advocated that the United States change its public education system by implementing a school voucher system which would allow parents to send their children to either public or private schools.

Falwell's burial service was private.

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Falwell, Jerry October 17, Buried nearby is his mentor, B. As soon as the thought formed, I pushed it aside.

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He further mainstreamed himself by aiming his strongest criticism at "secular humanists"pagans or various liberals in place of the racist, anti-Semitic or anti-Catholic rhetoric common among Southern Fundamentalist preachers but increasingly condemned as hate speech by the consensus of American society.

I've been getting that since the fourth grade.