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It's the drink that Bette Davis slams in a single gulp before declaring, the now-famous line, "Fasten your seatbelts. Vicky Wasik] I'm probably going to get all kinds of feedback on this one, likely ranging from "Amen!

Martini Recipe

And early on, much of the vermouth making its way into martinis was of the sweet Italian variety rather than French dry—hence, a "dry martini" was a drink made with dry vermouth, not one with as little vermouth as possible.

Remember that the effects may not be same for everybody because we are all different. That's just cold booze, and there's no shame in ordering that if that's what you want.

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It's a virtual time-machine of a cocktail. It's a drink that fell out of favor in the era of margarita mixes and cotton candy flavored vodkas.

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In The Hour, a cocktail manifesto by Bernard DeVoto first published in a new edition was released last monththis legendary curmudgeon describes his ideal martini as a 3.

It's not a drink for beginners, but if made well, is excellent.

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With all due respect, that's not a martini. This is a drink that comes from a different time and place.

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For a liquid lunch of yesteryear or a pre-dinner libation. It wasn't until the Mad Men era that the less-is-better approach to vermouth really started catching on.

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If you can't make it out, mix it at home and prepare yourself for a bumpy night. But for at least the first five decades of its circulation, ever since a drink with that name and this general description first appeared arounda martini required vermouth—a lot of it, none of this atomizer business or that stale "glance in the direction of a vermouth bottle" hokum.

When drunk, the mice had very little motor coordination, but incredibly, they performed better when they consumed alcohol and cannabis daily! It's a favorite of Roger Sterling on Mad Men.

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