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Spoiler mouse over to view Takuto is revealed to still be alive, despite being a Shinigami. Last updated on April 27th,7: It "not getting any worse" doesn't mean it was better, and certainly doesn't mean that she can somehow have a "lesser" version of a definite surgery.

Full Moon Wo Sagashite

That means that true love wins! It was always jumping around from one thing to the next, with no transition. They had an explanation for everything, which isn't always good, especially when it comes in the form of deus ex machina.

Like Mitsuki, Najika is just looking for her childhood love but what will she do when things do go according to plan? One of the key themes in Full Moon wo Sagashite has to be love and regrets. However, even though Kajitsu did spend her childhood with her two stepbrothers, things are very awkward between her and her step brother Natsu.

That being said, the below has several spoilers. Kitchen no Ohimesama may be about cooking while Full Moon wo Sagashite is about idols, but that does not mean that Kitchen no Ohimesama is not a manga like Full Moon wo Sagashite.

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Andou Natsumi, Kobayashi Miyuki Genres: Who will you root for?! While she may not have had the most luxurious upbringing, Najika has managed to duplicate the taste of many dishes, even in the most expensive restaurant.

Spoiler mouse over to view It is established at the beginning that Mitsuki has a cancer that is so bad that if she doesn't undergo a surgery, she will die. The lighthearted tone of the manga didn't match with the dark premise.

He's just in a coma! It might be great for the readers who love perfect endings, even at the cost of their own brain cells, but for someone like me He shouldn't be able to talk?

Sparkles, unicorns, and sunshine everyone!