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Steps could be jumped or revisited again. However, the relationship persists, for reasons of convenience or necessity. However, sometimes this kind of complete trust can also make you take each other for granted — so be careful there.

If you cross this stage, you might as well carry on for the rest of your life. This will summarize the intensifying stage. So a pressure is created inside the relationship.

There is a tremendous emphasis on maximizing similarities and minimizing differences. A majority of both partners have considered divorce. A lot of compromise comes up during this stage as couples try to navigate what they other wants and needs in order to stay together for the long run.

Knapps Stage Model

This may take some compromise, but if you want your relationship to last the test of time, then you have to be willing to do it. Because you have started out on a solid foundation of communication, trust, and intimacy, you have an easier time working through this stage and staying together.

Quizlet provides Stages of Relationship Development activities, flashcards and games. This helps to understand how a relationship progresses and deteriorates.