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Whenever he gives voices to characters, usually giving them strange accents that doesn't even match the respective characters. When someone told him about it, this was his response.

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I've always been a horrible, horrible human being when it comes to updating my bonus features, 'cause usually during a game, I'm always super-dedicated However, said profile picture is also animated, so the Time Hole spiral in the background actually spins. Chugga is known for being a huge fan of StreetPass Mii Plazaand apparently on a trip to E3 one year, he and a few of his friends were looking to get the "Get 10 Golden Pants Miis".

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Chugga buys a series 4 pack of Animal Crossing amiibo cards and gets Croque. The funny part is that, as you can see in the replies, Stephen himself didn't actually expect it to work.

A few minutes later, a background picture of Zorua and Zoroark labeled "Molerat and Yappy Dog" comes up and sends them both into a laughing fit.

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Even better, a prior tweet from Jon noted that he had become salty over Dokapon Kingdomheavily implying that was the reason Emile was stuck that way.

One of his friends even jokingly asked Eiji Aonuma if "the Triforce is cut from a hole in the golden pants".

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He then gets up to leave the room, leaving Emile, who is revealed to be gagged and presumably bound on the floor, to go who knows where. Jon once said that watching Chugga play Mega Man X was an 'experience'.

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When he was in Canada with Jon, somebody recognized him just from hearing him say "D'oh, you missed!