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If I go to the front of the room and drop my drawers, the entire class would be aware but what would I gain? What associations and emotions do they convey?

Now, since brand awareness is not a physical thing that can be easily measured in terms of figures and quantity, it is important to know how to measure brand awareness efficiently.

The two do not exist independently of each other.

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We take a look at the different ways you can monitor awareness below. Businesses develop social impact through creating awareness about their brand in the market. You can use the positive reviews as company testimonials or in promotions and can also take measures to resolve any disputes with the ones who have written negatively about your brand.

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Placement Considerations Various channels will provide you different placement options i. Brand awareness comprises of aided recall and unaided recall research. For further analysis and a better understanding, pair this metric with the Social Sentiment metric.

The other school of thought, advocated by Bryan Sharpcontends that one of the strongest drivers in making consumers buy is simply the ability to recall that product.

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Want to learn more? You need to make content that is relevant to as many people as possible, while still being consistent with your brand. Measuring brand awareness divides marketing.

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At the end of the day, earning a lot of media and social coverage is part strategy, part a numbers game. Without thinking consumers often ask for a Coke when they mean any brand of cola. Social listening tools, like Brandwatchallow you to write your own refined searches that can overcome the problem of a generic brand name, allowing you to filter out all irrelevant mentions.

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When customers are able to spontaneously remember the name of your brand, your brand has good brand recall. Strong branding and brand awareness strategies are crucial to developing a long term standing in the market. Therefore, highly recognized brands thrive competitively in the market.

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