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Mennonitische lexikon online dating, archives for the canadian conference of mennonite brethren churches

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Titles of articles are in their original German. Holdings Click a link below to open a.

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Names are recorded as they appear in the original. The paper version of this index has been scanned.

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There are some things to note. This is important to know. It ceased publication with volume number in January The Rundschau was the paper of the Russian Mennonites for decades, and continued to carry something of this general character, although on 24 Octoberit came into the ownership of a company composed of men from the Mennonite Brethren Church who made it more of an Mennonite Brethren organ, though it was not yet conference-owned.

The subject headings in bold are in English. This means that Abraham Friesen can be written as Friesen, A.

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At the time the MR was a vital link between family members, communities, and congregations. Providing the index in this format allows greater use of this important resource and enables word search capabilities, making the index more useful than ever. A listing of the paper and microfilm issues housed at the Centre follows the links to the indices.

It has become a significant tool in the understanding and research of early Mennonite settlement in Western Canada and United States, and the corresponding time period in Russia.

The links below are to digital reproductions of the indices.

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The indexes cover, and with a gap in the indexing Links to these PDF files are found in the Holdings section below.