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Geri liked the way it sounded and included the line at the beginning of the song. So it was a strange example of synchronicity that I should be ready to go with a Latin track which I had written almost a year before".

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After her previous single " Look at Me " peaked only at number two, Geri's record company wanted her to release " Lift Me Up " while the Absolute team wanted " Bag It Up ", but Geri decided to release "Mi Chico Latino" after receiving good reception from children.

Later, Geri began going to recovery meetings for bulimia.

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She recalled asking her, "Mum, what do you say to a bloke in Spanish if you fancy him and are being romantic? Then, Geri called her mother for help.

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They also told me I looked really healthy, but how wrong they were. In France, the song peaked at number 40, remaining on the chart for ten weeks in total.

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The singer wanted to make a song with Spanish influences, in order to pay homage for her Spanish mother.

According to Brian Logan from The Guardianthe performance "served only to stress" her certain brand of pop, referring to it as "Madonna-lite. However, no legal actions were made.

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A spokesman for Alabina's French record label, Atal said that they were "anxiously contacting" Geri's record label about the songs' similarities, but no legal actions were made.

According to Geri, the video was also pretty easy to get: It was very different from the slightly leftfield style of 'Look at Me'.

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After the video was released, the singer got a huge amount of attention from it. I wasn't healthy because I wasn't eating properly and although I was slim at the time, that was a mirage too because the tough regime of the diet was always going to lead me to binge and put the weight back on", and later, she began taking recovery meetings for bulimia.

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