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Cold and tired, matted fur, oh how could things get worse? Emma rolls her eyes at how ridiculous this is.

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They just don't mention it until they match. Henry crosses his arms as Liam begins laughing as well, holding his stomach, head thrown back. All summer long when we were packing up to go away, I had to make sure he had enough collared shirts for when he had to go to the office.

Anna looks around the table in contemplation and carefully sets down her fork.

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Keep on matching socks if you like. Emma leans into Killian as he passes the mashed potatoes, spooning some out onto Liam's plate. He grins happily and raises both eyebrows this time, rocking back on his heels. She looks calmly at Mary-Margaret to her left.

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Anna and Henry wander down the hallway, Henry shooting a glare that could actually turn them into stone over his shoulder.

And only then, did everyone let me know they were, in fact, paying close attention. Killian chuckles low under his breath and she sighs, reaching over and swatting him on the back of the head.

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