The Funny Business of Misplaced Modifiers The Funny Business of Misplaced Modifiers

Misplaced modifiers funny headlines on dating, modifiers must be next to the thing they're modifying

In fact, there is nothing at all in the sentence to which the modifying phrase looking toward the west can logically refer. Illustrated Misplaced Modifier Examples to Make You Smile Everyone knows that misplaced modifier examples can be hilarious, thanks to a certain invasive elephant.

The second example means that weekends are the only days Les wants to work. Sentence Diagramming Sometimes, diagramming misplaced modifiers can show us the different meanings that the sentence has. How to correct dangling modifiers Dangling modifiers may be corrected in two general ways.

Adverbs that can cause similar problems with unintended meanings include just, nearly, merely and almost. Example 2 Since having been fixed the night before is placed next to Priscilla, the sentence means that Priscilla was fixed the night before. Study the sentence given below.

The waitress is sauced with lumpy gravy?

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If you guessed C, good job! Probably the most famous example of a misplaced modifier is not a misplaced modifier at all. Les only wants to work on weekends. Both F and J incorrectly put other nouns in that position though "cheek to cheek" describe how the couples dance, the dance itself isn't "cheek-to-cheek".

It's clear that they're funny, but it's high time we address the elephant in the room or in the pajamas. On the television, they said it will rain.

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Without getting complicated, a modifier is a word, clause, or phrase that modifies changes, clarifies, enhances, describes another word, clause, or phrase in the sentence. Clearly, F won't work, and neither does G, since it has the unclear pronoun "it.